Mission & Organization


Aligned with the modern port governance practices, The Port Authority of Tangier Med focuses its missions on the management and the infrastructure development, the coordination and the animation of the port community and it ensures the reliability and performance of the services provided to the customers of the port platform.


The sole interlocutor of all the stakeholders involved in the development and the exploitation of the complex Tangier Med, The Tangier Med Port Authority ensures the following functions:

  • The construction and maintenance of the port infrastructure (breakwaters , dredging and berthing facilities);
  • The development of the port complex activities and capacities;
  • The function of the conceding authority or the direct exploitation of port terminals and the activities of a public service nature
  • The organization and the regulation of relations and exchanges between stakeholders of the port community;
  • The promotion of the Tangier Med port as a whole;
  • The port police function via the harbor master in charge of safety and security of the complex.

Aside from the Tangier Med port Passengers, the main port activities of the complex Tangier Med are entrusted to private operators of national and international reputation which in the framework of concession contracts, invest in the superstructures and the equipments of the port and provide services that meet the international standards of quality, safety and security.


The Board of Directors of TMPA is composed of:




President of the Supervisory Board of TMSA,

Mr. Fouad BRINI




Ministry of Economy and Finance,

Mr. Abderrahmane SEMMAR


Hassan II Fund for Economic and Social Development,

Mr. Abdelouahed KABBAJ


Caisse de Depot et de Gestion – CDG,

Mr. Abdellatif Zaghnoune


FIPAR-Holding company,

Mr. Khalid ZIANE


TMSA represented by its CEO,



Secretary General of the department of Equipment, Transport and Logistics




General Manager of TMPA