Quality and Environment

Quality and Environment Policy Ships and Port Associated services Hosting-


Our ability to meet the expectations of our customers and partners while complying with applicable regulatory and legal requirements is an essential need to accomplish our missions.


Committing ourselves in a process of continuous improvement, TMPA has implemented a Quality & Environment Policy focuses on the following guidelines:


  • Take into account, meet and satisfy the requirements of our customers and of the interested parties in accordance with legal and regulatory obligations and our contractual commitments;
  • Require to our suppliers good supplies and efficient service.
  • Ensure the adequacy of the skill level of our employees in the processing of our customer requests and respect for the environment.
  • Strengthen the aspects of safety and security of property and people in the port area.
  • Master the performance and the availability of the port infrastructure as well as the performance of our information system.
  • Ensure regulatory monitoring to comply with laws and regulations
  • Have an appropriate environmental management program aimed at:
    • Preventing air pollution, land and water;
    • Improving waste recovery;
    • Optimizing the use of natural resources.


I am committed to provide the necessary resources for our quality system, safety and environment changes in a permanent process of continuous improvement and extend to all the activities of our organization.



                                                                                                      General manager


Quality Approach


First ISO 9001 Certified Moroccan Port.
The port Tanger Med is a platform placing Morocco at the center of the transcontinental maritime traffic map. It is a strategic infrastructure for an integrated national and regional development.

In light of this background, it became essential to start a process of continuous improvement through a gradual deployment of principles and tools of quality management at all entities of Tanger Med Port Authority.
Tanger Med port, since December 2008, is ISO 9001 certified for the perimeter “Ships and Port Associated services Hosting”. Thecertification was jointly conducted by the International Organization Bureau Veritas and the Moroccan Institute for Standardization ‘IMANOR’. This certificate was renewed for a three-year cycle and up until 2017.

In parallel and for the same goal mentioned above, the Port Tangier Med Passengers has implemented a QSE policy in keeping with the QSE policy of TMPA and the strategic vision of TMSA.


Sustainable development


Environmental Commitment

The vision of Tanger Med Port, beyond providing services that satisfy the customer without prejudice to its environment, is part of a sustainable development process that seeks a balance between economic, environmental and social aspects.

Since its creation, the port has made significant efforts to implement a gradual and evolutionary approach to sustainable development that will allow it to ensure its growth with respect of the environment and the community.

Tanger Med Port put in the center of its concerns respect of the environment. For this reason, significant investments are made continuously to minimize environmental impacts generated by its activities.

In the same regard, a study and an audit of regulatory and legal compliance was made in 2014, according to which a serial of improvement actions were decided and planned.

To corroborate and strengthen its efforts in preserving the environment, Tangier Med Port aims to improve its environmental performance. In order to do this,a management environmental system has been established, which was certified ISO 14 001 in December 2015, becoming the first Moroccan Port to be certified ISO 14 001 for the perimeter “Ships and Port Associated services Hosting”.


Collection and treatment of liquid waste “water loaded with hydrocarbons”

In order to comply with the objectives of the environmental policy of TMPA, and of the international convention MARPOL 73/78 on the prevention of maritime pollution by oil spills and other waste associated with the operation of ships,TangerMed Port Authority has set in 2014 thanks to a specialized company a facility for the collection and treatment of waste from ships in port escallant.


Celebration of the world environment day

To confirm its environmental commitment,TMPA participatesthe 5th June of every year in the celebration of the World Environment Day in partnership with the dealers present on the port.