Containers Activity

Tanger Med I 

The port Tanger Med I has two container terminals with a total rated capacity of 3 million TEUs.

Both terminals have with a 1600 linear meter of quay, a socking capacity of 80 hectares, a depth of 18m. The port receives the largest container ships in the world >299M View photos.


The  first container Terminal  (TC1) started operations  in 2007 followed by a year later by the second containers terminal (TC2) these two terminals  allowed the port Tanger Med I  to become    an important container transshipment hub in the west of the Mediterranean. This place continues to strengthen thanks to the good performance of the major shipping lines operating at the container terminals such as Maersk Line, CMA-CGM , Hapag Lloyd., ARKAS, etc.


In addition to its role as a strategic platform of container transshipment on East / West   (Asia / Europe) and North / South (Europe / Africa) routes, Tanger Med I plays today an essential role in terms of connectivity and in  the promotion and development of (Import / Export) traffic in Morocco. Tanger Med I with its diverse infrastructure such as rail and highways plays a very important role in connecting the port to the hinterland and supporting the development of exchanges Morocco / World.


Today, the Tanger Med port is connected to more than 180 ports and 70 countries in the world for the container activity.
See connections map.

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The first container terminal (TC1) is operated through a 30 years concession contract granted in 2005 to APM Terminals Tanger, a subsidiary of APM Terminals Group, one of the world leaders in the management of container terminals, and of AKWA Group, a leader in Morocco in the distribution of fuels, gases and fluids.


The Terminal TC1 has 10 Super Post Panamax gantry cranes with a lifting capacity of 61T (lifting capacity) , 23 RTG’s  72 TTT ( Truck Tractor Terberg) , with  76 container Trailor  , 2 Reach Stacker and  7 Empty Handler . Le terminal has 1860 Reefer plugs

The total investment made by the concessionaire in superstructure and materials is around 140 million EUR.


The TC1 performs since 2008 on international high standard productivity levels (30+ movements / hour / crane) with non-stop operations in 24h / 365d, enabling TC1 to ensure an  annual  traffic more  1.3 Mil TEUs. The Dredging works achieved at the end of September 2012 on the quay side of the container terminal TC1 insures today a draught to -18m. This achievement allow the terminal to receive as early as 2013 ships of Triple E class of Maersk line.


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The second container terminal (TC2) is operated as well through a 30 years concession contract granted in 2006 to the consortium EUROGATE TANGER, ContshipItalia, ( Europe’s leading port operator)  and to the two maritime companies MSC and CMA-CGM, respectively 2nd and 3rd  global transporters of containers.

The second container terminal (TC2) started operations in 2008  and is operated by Eurogate Tanger. The terminal TC2 is a common user terminal and counts among its clients  the biggest shipowners CMA CGM  Hapag Lloyd, Akras, Xpress Line Feeders, ONE ALLIANCE , EMES, DAL, etc.

The second container terminal TC2 is equipped with 8 Super Post Panamax gantries cranes with (a lifting capacity of 61T, 21 RTG’s  , 36 trucks, 36 chassisPlus 4 Reach Stacker, 1 Empty Handler, and a mobile crane.

The total investment made by the concessionaire in superstructure and materials is around 140 million EUR.

TC2 performs on international standard levels of productivity that ensures operations in 24h / 365d. The nominal capacity of the terminal is about 1.3 Mil TEUs.

 C2 has a depth of -18 m , this allows the terminal to receive the largets ships suach as CMA CGM /Marco Polo.

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Import Export Activity

Visiting area of import containers

The visiting area of import containers stated operations in June 15th 2015 and  aims to facilitate the processing of import containers operations at the port of Tanger Med. It is dedicated  mainly to containers in import  in need of necessary time to obtain the results of analyzes of samples taken by the various administrations.

The new visiting area of import is spread over an area of 18,000 m² and has a storage capacity of 500 containers  that could be stacked  up to  3 levels , the area is equipped also with and a  shelter  where the containers can be checked by Customs , the shelter  has an area  of 1000 m2 and offers a capacity of 20 containers

The treatment zone CT of import is  also equipped with an administrative building that includes 11 offices allocated to the various administrations (Customs, ONSSA, MCI, Operator of the area TMPA).

.View new zones photos .

For more information on the new visiting area of import container please contact:

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Port Tanger Med II


Tanger Med 2 port is the third phase of development of Tanger Med Port Complex, alongside the Tanger Med 1 port and the Passengers & roro port.


This new port includes two new container terminals with an additional capacity of 6 million TEU containers. It aims to further strengthen the position of the Tanger Med Port Complex as a hub of reference, in Africa and in the world, for logistics flows and international trade, now having a total capacity of more than 9 million containers. First Port in Africa since 2018, Tanger Med has also become the 1st port capacity in the Mediterranean, and is committed to integrating the top 20 platforms worldwide.


The world leader MAERSK APM will develop the TC4 container terminal in the Tanger Med 2 port under a concession contract. This will be the 2nd terminal operated by the world leader at the port complex. The terminal incorporates the latest generation of ultra – modern container movement equipment. The private investment made is 800MUSD.


The Tanger Med port 2  will include a second container terminal TC3. The terminal will operated through a concession granted to the consortium Tanger Alliance, formed by the Moroccan operator Masra Maroc, Eurogate Group and Hapag Lloyd.

 of the Container Terminal 3 (TC3). The terminal is characterized by a linear quay of 800 m and an area of ​​medians of 36 hectares. The nominal capacity of the terminal is 1.3 million TEUs.


Achievements 2020 :


A total of 5,771,221 TEU* containers were handled in 2020, representing a significant
increase of +20% compared to 2019. Therefore, this traffic confirms Tanger Med’s position
as a leading port and becomes the first container port in the Mediterranean.



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