Container rail activity

The rail terminal started operations  in June 2009, it is managed since January 2013 by the Moroccan railway operator (ONCF) through a  10 year convention signed between the Port Authority of Tangier Med (TMPA) and ONCF


The railway terminal is located just behind the containers terminals TC1 and TC2, it is equipped with an area of 10 ha and 3 rail lines with a length of 800 lm . .


Thanks to the Railway Containers Terminal, the port Tangier Med I strengthens its offer in infrastructure and port services. Indeed,  the railway terminal offers a wide network of connections to the main cities of the Kingdom, it is also connected since 2009  to the Dry Port in Casablanca (MITA). The Terminal Railway continues to provide advanced logistic solutions to the maritime companies, land carriers, freight forwarders and importers / exporters with a delivery service of containers between port Tangier Med I and the different economic centers of the Kingdom.


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