Hydrocarbons Activity

HTTSA is an oil storage terminal at the port of Tangier Med with a total capacity of 532.000 cbm in 19 above ground storage tanks(Fuel oil, Mogas, diesel, MDO and blend product). With a truck/rail loading facilities, and two berths to serves barges from 3,500 to 10,000 DWT and tankers from 30,000 to 120,000 DWT. The terminal has the following infrastructures:


  • One Jetty bound to all products (fuel oil, cutter stock, marine diesel oil, diesel/gasoil, mogas and blend products)to accommodate ships with LOA up to 250 m and a draft of 15 meters;
  • One Jetty bound to fuel oil, cutter stock and marine diesel oil and used by barges for bunkering activities
  • A future jetty under construction will receive ships with LOA up to 170 meters starting from January 2017;
  • Two 20” pipelines to transfer fuel oil (electrically heated), and four 16” pipelines to transfer clean product
  • A trucks and rail loading loading facilities


The company HTTSA “Horizon Tangiers Terminal SA” is managing the terminal within a concession agreement. Its three shareholders areHorizon Terminal Ltd –HTL-, a subsidiary of ENOC Group (Dubai), Akwa Group (Morocco) and Independent Petroleum Group –IPG- (Kuwait).


The terminal started the activity on February 2012. HTTSA provides the following services to its clients:


  • Trading (Trans-shipment);
  • The import of refined products;
  • The bunkering.


The bunkering activity in the port and the anchorage areas, supplied and managed by MINERVA BUNKERING has developed tremendously since its inception in 2011 and except a steady growth due to special conditions applicable for bunker calls only.


Further information on the bunkering activity within these the anchorage areas can be provided by the Port Authority of Tanger Med www.tmpa.ma  and your usual MINERVA BUNKERING commercial teams.


The terminal treated in 2019, more than 6, 3 MT of petroleum product (in / out) 30% for bunkering, 10% for trading and 60% for local consumption.


Achievements 2020 :

The liquid bulk traffic grew by +26% compared to 2019. The recorded traffic is 7,968,485 tons of processed hydrocarbons. This growth is mainly due to the bunkering activity to the benefit of ships transiting the Strait of Gibraltar, with a corresponding traffic of nearly 1.6 million tons.



For more information on the activities of hydrocarbon terminal, please contact:

Contacts TMPA :

Mounir MOURADI : m.mouradi@tangermed.ma

Anas Halhal: a.halhal@tangermed.ma 

Contact HTTSA:    

Khalid CHKARA: k.chkara@httsa.ma