General Cargo and Bulk Activity

The General Cargo Terminal is dedicated to the processing of import / export traffic mainly related to the activities of industrial firms located in the northern region.


In a total surface area of 5 hectares of which 2 hectares of quayside and 3 hectares of storage, the terminal has a quay length of 500 meters and a permitted draught draught up to 13.5 meters to receive the ships of Panamax, Handymax and handysize.


The General Cargo Terminal entered into service in October 2010. The port authority subcontracted the handling activities to the port operator MOROCCO MARSA.


Today, General Cargo Terminal is equipped with Three unloadingcranes with successive capacities of 100, 63 and 45 Tons, in addition to various necessary means for ground handling of goods, all of these equipments allows to treat two ships simultaneously.


Currently, General Cargo Terminal can process the following goods: project cargo, cereals, steel coils , scrap metal, wood, goods in bags or big bag, heavy  packages, Ciments, etc. 

Achievement 2019:

Solid bulk traffic recorded a total of 258,340 tons handled, an increase of +2%, mainly due to the traffic of steel coils and wind turbine blades.



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