Passengers and Ro-Ro Activity

Designed to accompany ,in the long term ,the development of passengers traffic and TIR trucks while aiming at ensuring their treatment in the best conditions of fluidity, comfort and safety, the Tangier Med port Passengers aims to establish a genuine sea bridge on the strait, a decisive vector in the dynamics of exchanges with Europe.

The Tangier Med port Passenger has 8 berths with Draughts of 8 meters. It has a surface of 35 hectares of reclaimed land


1 – Passengers vehicles


The passengers car Circuit benefits since 2013 from infrastructures allowing the physical separation of vehicle traffic at the entrance and the exit, to double the processing capacity, and to optimize users’ transit time in the best safety and security conditions. The User comfort is placed at the top of the port authority priorities: The Control Zone at the level of the “Automobile Access” are equipped with all the necessary services to users,  they feature landscaped areas with green spaces and benefit from vaste spaces.


A buffer space for storage of vehicles in standby mode to access the port was conducted to avoid the congestion of traffic lanes on peak times. As well as a space of 1.8 Ha serving the port regulation zone was built and equipped with the necessary services while waiting the passengers in the best conditions of comfort and security.

The Passengers with vehicles that are leaving Morocco enter the port through the entrance “Automobile Access”. The purchase and confirmation of tickets is possible. The control formalities (stamping of passports) are done from the  vehicles. For the passengers arriving to Morocco, the stamping of passports is done on board ship during the crossing.

The Access Zone and border inspection (exit Morocco) include:


  • 34 police booths for the treatment of 1,000 vehicles per hour;
  • 6 customs control offices for vehicle passengers;
  • A covered space of 3 000m²dedicated to vehicle search;
  • An Access for coaches;
  • A parking with a capacity of 500 vehicles;
  • A covered pedestrian area to purchase tickets, bathrooms, coffee, prayer room …
  • 8 booths to check-in without a car for passengers who already have tickets


The design and the organization of this space allows the flow of traffic and  the time limitation of the passage by vehicles. The booths have fiber optic connection. A search area with mobile scanner enables a non-intrusive control by reducing the waiting time of passengers.

An Access Zone and a border inspection (Morocco entrance) include:


  • 16 police control booths for vehicles passengers for the treatment of 500 vehicles per hour without the passenger coming down from his vehicle;
  • 5 customs control offices for passengers in the vehicle;
  • A covered space of 1 000m² dedicated to vehicle search, and an adjoining 900m² of administrative buildings and areas of relocation for customs and police officers in charge of control;
  • An infirmary and an office dedicated to the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity
  • 5 customs control offices for passengers in the vehicle;
  • An access for the coaches.
  • Construction of services building for the pre-boarding , which includes: offices of shipping companies, offices of the Foundation Mohamed V, police offices, sanitary facilities, refreshment areas, offices of the royal Gendarmerie r … for a total surface of 550 m²  ;
  • Improvement of the circulation of vehicles in the zones of pre-boarding through a new vehicle circulation scheme to improve flow management before boarding and reduce the risk of accidents;
  • Development of booths for check-in of vehicles and that thanks to redevelop the entrance “Automobile Access” by incorporating the booths of check in of shipping companies for vehicles with tickets, spatial separation of the sale of check-in tickets, and implementation of check-in without getting out of the cars;
  • Redevelopment of the access”Automobile Access” by expanding the platform, the gyratory on the RN16 and the construction of two towers highlighting the access to the port.
  • An Access to coaches.


2 – The maritime station at the TMPC- access of pedestrian and coaches


The “Tangier Med Port Center” consists of a maritime station, a railway station, a bus station, a center of life (restaurants, shops, services … etc.), A complex of offices for rent, a parking area, offshore and onshore banks, as well as an auditorium x places.

The passengers on Foot access to the Tangier Med port passengers by the “Tangier Med Port Center” giving direct access to the maritime station. The police and customs checks are done within the station. An intra-port shuttle service ensures the transfer of foot passengers directly to the boarding area. On the arrival, the stamping of passports is done on board ship during the crossing. An intra-port shuttle service ensures the transfer of foot passengers directly from the landing area to maritime station.

A taxi service, bus, and train is placed at the disposal of foot passengers to transfer them to Tangier / Tangier Med.

The Coaches also access the Tangier Med port passengers by the “Tangier Med Port Center”. The Police and customs checks of the bus passengers are done in the maritime station. An intra-port shuttle service ensures the transfer of passengers from the bus directly to the boarding area.

The maritime station includes a border control space, a pre-boarding waiting room, cafeterias, arrival room of travelers, shuttles of and to the boarding docks, services (reception, ticketing, banking , restaurant, kiosk, infirmary …) as well as a railway station with 2 travelers docks and a bus station of 7 500m² with 9 buses and coaches slots;


3- The access area and border inspection of freight units


The zone of access and border inspection, of a total area of 11 hectares dedicated to freight units,  separated into two distinct zones, one reserved for the import activity and the other for export, it comprise:


  • 14 Import booths;
  • 2 fixed scanners of high definition;
  • 2 detectors of heart beats;
  • 3,000 m² of offices for customs, police and plant health checks;
  • 4000 m² Dig buildings, equipped with 15 dock levellers and 6 dock levellers for the goods under controlled temperatures;
  • 48 docks for the physical inspection of import goods.

Access EXPORT :

A regulation  area for export trucks of 19hectare completes the device dedicated to the processing of TIR trucks and helps regulate the activity in peak times of traffic.


Achievements 2020:


Passenger activity was suspended in March 2020 due to the closure of borders as result of the health crisis. The activity resumed slightly in June 2020 in strict compliance with health measures.
701,599 passengers passed through Tanger Med port in 2020, in decrease of 75% compared to 2019.


Despite the slowdown in the activity of several manufacturers, Tanger Med port closed the year with traffic similar to 2019, i.e. 357,331 trucks processed mainly driven by the agri-business products.


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