Vehicles Activity

Vehicles Terminal of Renault (TVR)

The Renault vehicles terminal is spread over an area of 13 ha with a nominal storage capacity of 6,000 vehicles. It is intended to treat the annual output of 400,000 vehicles produced by the factory Renault Melloussa.

TMPA has given a concession agreement contract for 30 years at Renault for the design, financing, realization, exploitation and maintenance of the vehicles terminal.

This terminal has two docks to receive the transporters of ships of the latest generation (up to 240m in length and 12m depth) and a railway terminal connected to the factory Renault Melloussa.

Renault has subcontracted the handling to vehicles terminal to the operator GSTM ( CAT Group) to be in charge of  the following:

  • Boarding and disembarking of vehicles (ships);
  • Loading and unloading of vehicles (trains and trucks);
  • Maintenance and renewal of materials / equipments and port superstructure;
  • Handling and storage of transshipment vehicles within the perimeter of the terminal reclaimed land .

Today, the vehicle terminal is connected by regular lines to the ports of Le Havre, Montoir, Fos Sur Mer, Piraeus Zeebrugge, Barcelona, Livorno, Constanta, Koper, Borusan.Tunis, Alexendria, Ilyichevsk, Durban, Abu dhabi, Jebel Ali, Vera cruz, Brisbane and Kembia.


Multi-users vehicles Terminal (TVCU)

Adjacent to that of Renault and spreading over an area of 5.5 ha, this terminal; operational since March 2013; has a storage capacity of 3,000 vehicles and able to process up to 100 000 vehicles  per year, the multi-users vehicles terminal has the same breakwater with two quays capable to receive the transporters of ships of the latest generation (up to 240m in length), as well as technical and administrative buildings to provide quality services.

TMPA has entrusted GSTM (CAT Group) in February 2018,with the framework of an outsourcing contract for a period of two years extendable to 5 years, the handling activities in the multi-user vehicles terminal at the port Tangier Med.


Achievements 2019:


500 465 vehicles were handled on the two vehicle terminals of Tanger Med port in 2019, representing a growth of + 5% compared to the previous year.

The figure includes: 380,784 Renault vehicles, of which 349,050 are for exports, and 112,857 vehicles
handled at the common user terminal.

The year 2019 was marked by the start of PSA vehicle exports through Tanger Med port from
the Kenitra plant.


Contacts TMPA:


Anas HALHAL: + 212 (0) 661 170 442

Contact GSTM:

Jan GODAERT:  /Tel: + 212 (0) 661 951 912