Ship services

  • Calls Planning Office

    Port calls Planning and Vessel Reception Department

    The Port calls Planning and Vessel Reception Department is the interface of the Harbor Master's office with the port community (terminals, ship';s agents...), to do so this department:

    • receives requests for calls and assigns positions via the "TMIS" (Tangier Med Information System),
    • ensures the processing of ships' calls by validating terminal berthing plans after checking the adaptability of ships to berthing infrastructures and port facilities (admissible draughts, ship dimensions and characteristics, maneuvers, weather conditions, etc.),
    • studies requests for consignment from shipping agents for validation by the Tangier Med Port Authority,
    • prepares the invoicing elements for the ships’ calls,
    • monitors concessions and/or authorizations for towing and mooring activities,
    • ensures that the port infrastructure is maintained in good condition in relation to the reception of ships in collaboration with the maintenance team,
    • Control and monitor the bathymetric survey operations carried out periodically at the Port,
    • Ensures the monitoring and continuous improvement of IT platforms and systems related to the management and Port calls Optimization process in coordination with the IS department (Portal, PMIS, Priority Management, Firm Reservation System, Global Berth Plans, etc.),
    • And organizes periodic placement conferences with the various stakeholders of the port community.

    For more information on the calls planning office, please contact :

    Vessel Traffic Service (VTS)

    The VTS functions 24H / 24 and 07 / 7. It ensures the management and security of maritime traffic in the basins, harbors and anchorage areas of Tangier Med Port Complex, it manages the movements anchorage, berthing, sailing and berth shiftingof ships, ...) of ships, it also monitors in real time the ships’ calls . It coordinates and instructs services involved in the maneuvers entry, exit or the moving of ships (pilotage, towage, mooring, intervention port officer, etc ...) and assigns the obligatory support services.

    For more information about the VTS, please contact

    Port Intervention Office

    An operational service in which the officers are permanently on the port site and therefore are the representatives of the Harbor master on the ground. It is in charge of the effective supervision of maneuvers of entance, departure and of the shiftingvesselsinside the port and the availability of quays. It is, as such, the interface between the harbor master and the masters of ships and is responsible for the implementing of the port regulations, compliance with safety and security rules and it ensures the preservation of tools and public facilities.

    For more information about the Port intervention Office, Please contact

  • Pilotage

    Maritime pilotage is a highly technical public service, which has always evolved to respond to changing technologies, increasing of maritime traffic and gigantism of ships. To enter and leave a port, a vessel is obliged to call on the assistance of a pilot, an expert in the compulsory pilotage area. The pilot's mission is based, among other things, on three key roles: maritime safety, protection of the environment and fluidity of the traffic.

    The pilots are experts in ship handling and local navigation. They know shoals, tides, currents, landmarks and domestic regulations. They ensure therefore a preventive role in the occurrence of sea events in the approach of ports and their facilities.

    The Tanger Med pilots hold a sea-going captain's navigation certificate. After a long experience as a navigation office and prior becoming pilot, the candidate should undergo a rigorous selection followed by a probationary examination on pilotage and a minimum period of 5 years under tutoring of the senior pilots. For the needs of continuous professional development, Tanger Med pilots attend trainings related to the practice of pilotage in specialized and internationally renowned centres.

    Tanger Med pilot station provides continuous service 365 days/year day and night. The station is topped by a central direction, with a staff of 25 pilots.

    In order to prepare at best the reception of the ships, and follow ships’ movements, a VTS watch console and a dispatching service have been dedicated.

    The pilot station of the complex of Tanger Med, with its three ports and more than 14,000 calls per year, permanently receives the largest container ships in the world with a capacity of more than 20,000 TEUs.

  • Towing

    The towing at Tangier Med port consists of assisting all types of vessels in its port maneuver in all circumstances:

    • Towing to berthing, shifting or sailing,

    • Assistance and rescue of vessels in difficulty or in distress,

    • Special interventions in the port area for ships in dangerous situations: breaking the moorings, damage to machine or bar, running aground, fire etc.

    • Maintenance of ships at berth in case of unfavorable weather condition.

    The tugs are equipped with means to fight against the fire meeting the -FI FI standards. These tugs also provided with anti-pollution equipment.

    Within the framework of a concession, the towing activity in Tanger Med Port I is ensured by 4 tugs (sisters-ships) 24h / 24 and 7/7. With a Bollard Pull capacity of 60 tons and engine power largely sufficient. The fleet belonging to the Boluda Company consists of VBMALABATA, VB CIRES, VB DALIA, and VB SPARTEL. The BOLUDA harbor towing services are certified ISO 9001/2008 and ISM Code (International Safety Management).

    On the other hand, the towing activity at Port Tanger Med II is provided by the company Svitzer with 4 tugs (sister ships) 24/7. With a Bollard Pull capacity of 90 tons and ample machine power. This activity consists of SV TETOUAN, SV CHEFCHAOUEN, SV TANGER, and SV EL HOCEIMA.

    For more information about the pilotage service, please contact

  • Mooring

    The mooring service in the Tangier Med Port Complex provides a full assistance to mooring and unmooring operations of ships during the port movements:

    • Berthing
    • Unberthing
    • Shifting

    In relation to the pilots and tugs, a mooring activity remains under the direct authority of the Harbor Master, which communicates the ship movements.

    The mooring service at Tangier Med port is provided by:

    • The Strait mooring company at port complex with the exception of TC1 (APMT TERMINALS TANGIER) and TC2 (EUROGATE TANGER) and TC4 (APM MEDPORT).
    • APMTT at terminal TC1,
    • EUROGATE at terminal TC2,
    • APM MEDPORT at terminal TC4.

    Mooring operation is part of the ship safety and hence the port infrastructure, teams are therefore available at Tangier Med port 24h / 24 and 7/7.

    Besides the human resources, the Strait mooring company has material resources necessary for the proper execution of mooring and undocking operations.

    2 moorings trucks for the transportation of the team TM1 and for mooring operations,

    2. Mooring boats

    The port mooring services of SLD are certified ISO 9001/2008.

    For more information about the mooring service, please contact

  • Bunkering

    The bunkering by barge is an operation that consists in supplying ships withhydrocarbons by specialized barges equipped for this purpose. It is currently held at Tangier Med Port Complex by the company MINERVA BUNKERING (subcontractor HTTSA) that has barges for this mission in the port area.

    Indeed, this activity allows ships to benefit from their commercial calls to get supplies of hydrocarbons.

    Nowadays, more than 1 MT( Million tons) bunkering products are delivered from Tangier Med and distributed as follows:

    • 20% in the Tangier Med port;

    • 80% in the Bay of Gibraltar and the roadstead of Fnideq-Tanger Med East and Alcazar-Tanger Med West , being part of the heritage of Tangier Med.

    Mindful of the importance of this port service, the Port Authority of Tangier Med has set up a regulation specifying the strict rules of its implementation on the security plan, and the protection of the environment.

    For more information on bunkering activities, please contact:

    Contact TMPA:
    Mounir MOURADI:
    Anas Halhal: + 212 (0) 661 170 442
    Jérémy De Vidas  :

  • Ship chandlers

    Tanger Med Port Authority a mis en place un cahier des charges pour fixer les conditions dans lesquelles les sociétés de Shipchandling peuvent exercer leur activité au port Tanger Med.

    Liste des sociétés de Shipchandling agréées : 

    Validité de l'autorisation

    Nom de la société



    Gérant / Contact





    M. Abdeslam Bensebih
    Mme. Maria Jessus Salguero Cortes
    (signature conjointe)

    Phone +34 93 337 23 70
    Mob. +659 93 63 43





    TEL  : 0661 066270 (AKBIB)
    Directo: 956 771 493
    Fax:            956 - 62.68.15
    Móvil:        0034 680-572-615




    M. Mahmoudi Mbirik

    TEL  : 0522409791 / 0522249781
    FAX : 0522409792

    - IPHO




    TEL : 0662045236




    Vanessa VILLATORO
    (Managing Director)

    TEL : +34636243030




    María J Salguero Cortés

    TEL : 06 61 60 10 59 / 06 66 29 93 66
    TEL : +34 956 63 06 13

    Les autorisations d’exercice de l’activité de shipchandling de navire sont accordées aux compagnies après une réunion d’évaluation de la commission afin de décider de la conformité des dossiers soumis,

    - Les spécifications du shipchandling peuvent être retirées auprès du bureau portuaire du port Tanger Med.

    - Pour plus d’informations sur cette activité, veuillez contacter , veuillez contacter : K.

  • Guarding

    • The Tangier Med Port Authority (TMSA) has implemented a specification setting the conditions under which security companies can operate in the port Tangier Med. These specifications lay down several obligations on the licensees, the most important are:
    - The guarding activity must be conducted in accordance with national laws and international standards for security/Guarding
    • The Licensee shall provide to the port authority a copy of the certificates ISPS training of its personnel issued by a training center approved by the competent administration,
    • The licensee is obliged to ensure a continuous service. The licensee cannot consider his activity as intermittent.

    Only the security staff falling within a security company authorized by the Port Authority and having an ISPS training certificate, are entitled to exercise the guarding in the port area.

    List of the security companies authorized in 31 October 2012:






































    For more information about the Guarding Activity, please contact

  • Ship repair and maintenance

    The ship repairs and diving works consist of maintenance operations involving propulsion engines, hull, propellers and other equipment of vessels.

    When the weather permits, and subject to set up all the safety and environmental protection measures required, these activities are currently allowed on board ships berthed at Tanger Med Port and strictly during periods allocated to their calls.

    Companies specializing in this type of work is currently installed in the logistics free zone of the port and can be contacted through the shipping agents and vessels.

    Note that the Tangier Med port has no dry dock and shipyard specialized in making technical stops and major ship repair works.

    List of companies specialized in this type of work currently installed in logistics free zone of the port:

    Company Contact
    Jobson Morocco
    Phone : +212 (5)39 93 00 84 / +212 (6)15 66 06 00
    Email :
  • Liquid waste disposal service (MARPOL Annex)

    Tangier Med Port Authority (MTPA) has implemented theOIL WASTE AND ITS MIXTURES WITH WATER disposal service under Annex I of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships "MARPOL"

    The liquid waste containing oil will be collected by barge and tanker trucks and transferred for treatment in accordance with relevant regulations and provisions of the Convention "MARPOL". The company "SERTEGO" was authorized to perform this service.

    For all additional information, you can contact M. SORDO Redouan, representative of the company SERTEGO Tangier Med port:

    Tél : 212 (0) 539 335 207


  • Taxi Rade


    In order to guarantee more proximity and agility at different areas, Tanger Med introduced a new work boat service that will ensure a wide range of services. The vessel is capable of delivering all different requirements: from ship chandeling, commodities, tools, spare parts to bunker samples, collection spares and provisions. It can also recover the ship’s MARPOL Annex V waste and deliver packaged lubricants. Additionally, to effectively meet the needs of its partners, the vessel ensures the crew & surveyor transfer at anchorage and the cargo and ship surveys.

    Robust built, extremely stable and safe, the work boat is a 18 meter catamaran well equipped for a variety job types and operated by an experienced and professional crew, it can carry up to 12 passengers, and 5,000 kg of cargo to vessels in the port and at all anchorage locations, securing the same exceptional level of service and safety whenever required 24/7, 365 days.

    For more information about the Taxi Rade service, please contact k.operation@tangermed.m