Safety & Security

Security :

The security is now seen as a fundamental value. It is considered to be the credibility and reliability of the port enterprises. The international community has imposed, via the ISPS code the implementation, by all maritime and port stakeholders, security measures aimed at preventing any attempted of malicious act against the maritime transport chain including ports, ships, people and properties.


In the framework of the implementation of the ISPS Code measures and hoisting its security organization in terms of the requirements of the European Directive No. 65/2005, Tangier Med Port Authority ensures the implementation of security measures outlined in the port security plan. The port security officer ensures the coordination of security measures with all the facilities of the port complex that have certificates in line with the ISPS code issued by the competent authority.

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Safety :

The multiplicity of activities, the importance of the infrastructure as well as the diversity of Tangier Med Port Complex flows has required the organization of an adequate Safety, primarily based on the prevention of risks, the prior preparation and the effective intervention in case of fire or other disaster in the port zone.


The Safety approach consists of:


– Deployment, within the harbor master of Tangier Med, of a department in charge exclusively with port safety and consists of officers of the merchant marine totally dedicated to safety management,


– Certification of ISO standards for quality and environmental management in accordance with ISO 9001-2015 standard and the ISO 14001-2015 standard,


– Strong commitment of the TMPA in the field of environmental protection, sustainable development and energy efficiency,


– Carrying out of risk assessments performed to identify and evaluate the risks of the port zone, to define accident scenarios, to develop and implement measures and emergency plans ensuring the prevention and efficient organization of control operations in case of fire or other disaster,


– An effective management of dangerous goods transit via the port zone in accordance with national and international requirements in this matter,


– Realization at the port, national and international level, of emergency simulation exercises to strengthen the capacity and the preparation of the TMPA to face a serious disaster. On this basis, the Tangier Med port participated:


  • 20 and 21 November 2013 in the International Exercise of Response to Radiological Emergency
  • June 18, 2014 in the National Exercise to fight against accidental marine pollution “Simulex 2014” carried out with the participation of countries of the defense initiative “5 + 5”